He can smatter you to a plumb or heal you up! The Rootwalker takes to the freigh!


A patient, trustworthy, clever, yet naive Rootwalker

Trell hails from the Gron’Ver. He always had an interest for lore and knowledge, so when the sun-poll opened up in front of him, he had no second doubts. Trell became an sunchasers, and started to wander the world with his new found friends, learning what he can along the way. Not purely driven by creed or hopes of heroism, he simply wishes to explore the world and help out where he can, along the way. Quite an uncommon feat for an Erron.

Trell seems like a pacifist at first glance. He comes of as he would never raise his fist in anger or rush first into battle in rage. This is both correct and wrong. Trell is never the one to take the first step towards a conflict. Others always strike first, whenever it is his allies or his enemies. Though he is traditionally calm and rational, he is brutal on the battlefield. Wielding a massive battering ram, Trell is capable of turning people into a pure mush of blood, leaving nothing but splattered meat and fractured bones where there ones where an enemy. This power comes at a price, as he is fairly slow. He compensates for his speed in utility, carrying support artifacts for his team and an amazing array of tools and gear. Trell has fine tuned his brutal fighting style, being able to even throw his battering ram.

Trell is also the “father” of the party. He takes care of his team mates, capable of producing anti-toxins and healing using his own blood. He is the calming voice that makes the rest of the party think twice about rash decisions.



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