A human trapped in icy armor! His memories gone, but his skills remains!


A friendly, loyal and amnesia-inflicted human.

Trapped in an ancient armor. Roshan is a human that have “lived” for ages. At one point in his life, he got trapped in a magical block of ice that infused into his armor. Roshan cannot leave his armor and his body is permanently cold, but it does not seem to effect him. Roshan was saved by the party and decided to join them, becoming an “unofficial” sunchaser. Roshan has been a great help to the party, dealing plenty of damage with magic ice knifes and summoning water. He has become an integral part of the party, and he places his trust in his party member, as they place their trust in him.

Roshan barely remembers anything from before he got trapped in ice, but clues are starting to appear in the parties path. Was Roshan joining the party all part of a greater scheme? or was it simply destiny? Only the future will tell.

Roshan takes the back row of combat, despite him wearing heavy armor and having decent physical endurance. He launches powerful ice knifes at enemies, capable of dealing high damage to a single target, or lesser damage to several targets. He can cause larger targets to bleed out or apply slowing effects to fast enemies.



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