A dragonic archer! He snipes his foes and support his allies!


A steadfast, simple, lone-wolf Vessa.

Nature have always been the home for Renald. Ever since he was small, his clan of Vessa decided against the tide of human culture that was sweeping the land, and instead decided to venture into the wild and return to their natural self. While still young, Renald adopted his companion for life, a combat raptor named “Rhino”.

Renalds Clan hold a secret however. The reason his clan fled the coming tide of humans was not our of their will to remain in the wild, but because they where afraid that if the human learned of the clans ties to Dragon powers, they would become hostile. Dragonic power flows through renalds veins, and it is clear to others in his clan that his dragonic powers where deeper and contained more power than any other in the clan. So it was no surprise that one day, a sun-poll would open up in front of him. Slightly nervous, but exited to see the outside world, Renald consulted his clan members. The clan saw this as a perfect opportunity for Renald to hone is skills, and unlock his hidden powers.

Renald supports the party from the back row. Raining down fire in the form of arrows with deadly precession. He is a master of the bow, and has several ways to provide utility to the group in form of different arrow types, effects that makes the enemies easier to hit, and bursting down large opponents.



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