Rouge turned warrior! The agile knight leads the charge!


A kind, lay-backed, slightly awkward Vessa.

Cecil used to be a thief. And a damn good one at that. But his life turned around as he becomes an sunchaser. Suddenly, the thief had a way to use his skills for a more practical purpose. Being more than welcoming towards changing his lifestyle, Cecil accepts his new life as an adventure.

Cecil quickly adapts to the combat trials he begins to face in his new career. He starts donning heavier armor and magical swords, instead of his cloth armor and daggers. But he have not left behind his thief ways. While wearing heavy armor and bigger weapons, Cecil still use his former thief skills, being quick on his feet and using his master climbing skills to tackle larger foes. Cecil started growing more and more interested in the foes that the party faced, devoting some of his time to study his foes and learn more about the monsters of the world, to the point where he can call himself a monster hunter.

Cecil is not afraid to jump and climb onto a creature that could splatter him in half, heroically leaping onto them and stabbing them where it hurts. He takes the front row of combat despite not having a strong physical endurance. Cecil relies on his speed and prediction of his enemies to avoid most of the damage he would take.



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