In the sky sits the sun god Avva and the moon god Murru. They watch over the heroes of Avvis and take note of their actions. Avva, being a young and brash god, sometimes chooses special individuals among the people of Avvis. He grants these people a gift, the gift of adventure.

We are following a group of adventures that have been granted Avva’s gift. 5 gifted individuals, who’s very souls will end up being a part of something greater. They are sturdy and steadfast, and in a constant clash with their rival, Foxglove. A man who would ruin not just what the heroes hold dear, but also the rest of the world.

The stage is set, Avvis is large and mysteries. Even the eldest races of Avvis do not truly understand how Avvis came to be. The secrets of Avvis’s origins are shrouded in a dark, and mysterious path. A path that both our heroes, and Foxglove alike, will have to take. And the one who delves deepest into the darkness, will be most prepared for the events that are about to unfold.

Old Lords of Aviss